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 Netstore Explained

  • Netstore is used in the PACLab to access your 50 MB UNIX disk space as the H: Drive (see PACLab's drive list via My Computer or other file manager).
  • Netstore is a UNIX machine that currently supports SMB and NFS protocols. With these protocols it permits mapping from a Windows or UNIX workstation to your H: drive files.
  • Netstore can also be used to access your UNIX disk space from your computer in either your office or residence hall; see below for instructions.
  • If you are a Macintosh user, you can use Nifty Telnet SSH or Secure FTP Client to connect to the Netstore server; this software can be down loaded from W & M's IT Software Repository Site.. There is also a third party product, DAVE, from Thursby Software which will enable you to access your remote UNIX space from your Macintosh.
  • Unreliable floppies are now no longer needed to store and transfer your computer data; they have been known to pick up errors and corrupt data.

Netstore Advantages

  • Your Netstore disk space is backed up daily.
  • IT recommends that files saved in the labs on your diskette, CD, or USB Memory Key should also be saved onto the Netstore drive disk space, again labeled the H: in the labs.
  • To save a file to your shared hard drive space in the labs, simply save to the H: instead of some other drive such as A: (floppy drive) or E: (USB Memory Key portable drive).

Accessing Netstore from Your Office/Residence Hall

  • Your Netstore space can be accessed from any computer hooked up to the campus network. We assume here that your Microsoft Windows is already setup to access the campus network; the setup should have occurred at follows: the first time you try to access the internet after logging into your Windows system with it network cable plugged into the network receptacle in the wall, you are asked to authenticate with your WM user id and password. Thereafter you should be connected to the W & M campus network when ever you log into your Windows PC.
  • Once you are logged in and are connected to the campus network, right click on the "My Computer" icon on the desktop. Then, left click on "Map Network Drive." In the box that pops up, choose a drive letter for your mapped drive (we recommend H: since that is the same as in the labs and is most likely free). You can choose any drive, but make sure you do not choose a drive letter that is already in use. Then type
  • \\\userid$

You are then asked for your password and after you enter your WM password you are connected to your "H" drive remote disk space.

  • To access the drive, double click on the "My Computer" icon on the desktop. Check to see if the drive letter you chose is listed. If it is, your userid should be listed underneath it to indicate your shared drive has been mapped.

  • Using SFTP to Access Netstore
    • SFTP is a method to access Netstore from off campus. If you do not have SFTP installed on your computer, you can download it from the IT Software Repository site. (at this site click Internet Browser and Network Tools under Windows software and then click SSH Secure Shell Client to download SFTP).
    • Once installed, open SFTP by clicking SSH Secure File Transfer Client {should appear as an icon on your desktop); then click the Quick Connect button near the top of the SFTP Window; in the emerging "Connect..." Window, enter

      for the Host Computer and your WM userid for the User Name; then click Connect
    • Click OK when a Message box appears.
    • An Enter Password box should appear; enter your WM password and click OK.
    • Double click HOME in the right sub window
    • Your Netstore folders and files should appear in the sub window and on the other side your local machine in a left sub window.
    • Copy Netstore files as needed by selecting in the right window and dragging and dropping to, for example, your "C" hard drive which you should be able to list in the left sub window.
    • Then click Disconnect from the File menu and exit the SFTP window.

    Netstore Personal Web Space

    • Each student, faculty, and staff member has an H: / Netstore drive that is either automatically connected when they log into a PACLab computer or which they can manually connect on their own office/residence hall computer.
    • This space has a folder named public_html for publishing your personal web page.
    • To create your web page, place a web file named index.html in the public_html folder.
    • The web page can be viewed at , where userid is your WM user id.
    • Additional web pages and images can also be placed in this directory and linked from your index page.
    • To make changes to these pages, open and edit your ".html" files directly from the H: drive or create pages on your computer and copy or SFTP them to the Netstore server.
    • For more help on copying and SFTPing, call the TSC at 1-4357 (HELP).
    • For more information about creating web pages, check out the Web and Learning Services Team's online "creating a web page" site.


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