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Dow Jones Current Condition
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"fl" (filelist), a UNIX File Manager
William and Mary Homepage
Information Technology at the College of William and Mary
Library Gateways
Student Information System
School of Business Bookmarks
Welcome to William and Mary's Computer Lab!
Swem Library Home Page
Lab Software
Statistical Software Information
Index of /TS/DOCS
Yahoo! Quotes - Ticker Symbol Lookup
An Introduction to Aardvark UNIX Cmds at William and Mary
College of William and Mary Virtual Visit
Yahoo! Finance - (14) AABIX ... LMVTX
CNNfn - the financial network
Bob Dawson's WEB Page
PowerPoint Resources
PACLAB Site Index
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Netscape Directory Server Gateway: Standard Search - Local Weather - Newport News, VA (23608)
Yahoo! Finance - (15) AABIX ... ACDGX - Local Weather - Newport News, VA (23608) - College of William and Mary
William & Mary | Virtual Visit
Virtual Visit at William and Mary - College of William and Mary
PACLab Homepage
Amos 4 for Windows
Amos 3.6 for Windows/Lisrel
Yahoo! Finance - SHYIX
Yahoo! Finance - (13) ACGFX ... SHYIX
Yahoo! Finance - (15) AABIX ... SHYIX
Yahoo/Briefing: Market Update
The Conference Board - Indicators
MapQuest : Driving Directions, Maps & Live Traffic Reports - College of William and Mary
Registration Validation
Fall Startup 2001
CourseInfo Faculty FAQ
Contact Aardvark Rentals
Ask Jeeves | PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
Your First Cup of Java (for Win32)
Yahoo! Finance - (6) ACGFX ... SHYIX
IT Directory
Bob Dawson's WEB Page
Yahoo! Finance - (7) ACGFX ... SHYFX
Legg Mason